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Established in Geraldine in 2001, Barber Drilling's capable team of employees bring a wealth of experience and expertise to farmers, local and regional government, and the Kiwi life styler.

The team's many years of experience working in New Zealand and Australia contracting to mining giants includes contracts with Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Solid Energy.

Barber Drilling has memberships with the Australian Drilling Industry Association and the New Zealand Drilling Federation.

They have also worked on Ministry of Works jobs, dams, drilling for oil, piling, mineral exploration, site investigation and de-watering mines.



Barber Drilling operates Foremost DR24 Drilling Rigs capable of large diameter wells, to depths down to 300m/984 ft 

350/900 cfm Compressors.

A Goldfields Cable tool Rig for Developing, Cleaning out and Test Pumping.

Our Well-vu camera can view up to 300m/984 ft.  A DVD is Recorded of the well and a copy given to the owner of the well.

Customer Satisfaction

Barber Drilling's dedicated professional staff instils confidence and customer satisfaction demanded by their clients. Barber Drilling will always offer clients advice, keep clients up to date with progress and talk through the options as the job proceeds.

Preserving Water Resources

Water is a much sought-after commodity and well drilling accuracy is paramount. Some clients need to demonstrate to the regulatory bodies that they are not wasting water resources and are working within the terms of their consent. Barber Drilling operate Environment Canterbury-approved flow testing equipment, which can handle anything from 5 to 75 litres per second, and data loggers to monitior well performance during drawdown test pumping.

Barber Well Drilling has seen the demand for well maintenance and is set up to redevelop old wells to bring them back into life again.

Health and Safety


Barber Drilling is serious about health and safety standards and has an exemplary safety record. Their experienced team are trained in drilling and mine safety to New Zealand standards.  Barber Drilling follow (NZS4411:2001 Environmental Standard for Drilling of Soil and Rock). This Standard prescribes best practice for the drilling and construction of bores and wells.