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New Zealand Leaders in Dual Rotary Drilling

Barber Drilling are leaders in dual-rotary drilling for water wells in the South Island.

Barber Drilling are licensed owner-operators based in Geraldine, and their drilling team have a wealth of experience and knowlege drilling deep, straight water wells in the Canterbury region and throughout the South Island.

Water Well Services

Our equipment is of a very high standard and we experience fewer breakdowns because our equipment is well-maintained to a strict service schedule.  Our dual-rotary drilling (see video) is designed to prevent sticking. We can drill to a depth of 300 meters plus, with well diameters from 150mm to 600mm.

Barber Drilling uses only thick-wall steel which doesn't buckle, so your well stays straighter, giving you a better quality, long-life well. This was tried and proven in the Canterbury Earth Quakes.  Our services include:

  • Water well drilling
  • Exploration drilling
  • De-watering 
  • Site investigations
  • Piling 
  • Geotechnical

Pump Testing and Development

Water is a sought-after commodity. Demand for well maintenance and old well redevelopment is increasing as regulatory costs increase to control demand. Barber Drilling can video and test existing wells, and find ways to help our clients bring old wells back into useful production again. These services include:

  • Down hole video
  • Well monitoring and flow testing equipment. (ECAN Standard and above)
  • Well redevelopment
  • Water Testing
  • Generator Hire
  • Riser & Pump extraction and servicing
  • Advice and problem solving

Experienced, Professional Team

When you use Barber Drilling to drill your water well, you can be reassured that you have chosen Canterbury's  experienced, well trained team of professional drillers whose knowledge of local conditions will ensure that your new water well is an asset to your Farm, Life Style Block or Business.