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Pump Testing

When you request a pump test for your water well, we take a digital video of your well using a Well-vu camera that can go underwater to a depth of 300m. The video can show where rust might be occurring, whether there is damage to the well casing or the pump and if there is a problem with sediment.

Your are given a copy of the video on DVD helping you to maintain a record of your well's performance.

The video below shows a sped-up example of a pump-testing video.

Rig 5

Barber Well Drilling operates a Goldfields Cable Tool Drilling Rig mounted on a Mercedes Benz Truck which can develop and test pump wells. Pump testing equipment includes a 265kva generator with hydraulically-driven cable drum and pump lifting cradle capable of 75 litres per second at 100 metres.

With Environment Canterbury with other local bodies including Consultants wanting more and more information, Barber Well Drilling opperates digital flow metre/loggers which records data up to every second, this is usually set at one minute intervals and will log momentary flow, cumulative volume, put the metre time of record, flow rate and the time of development steps. The VSD (Variable Speed Drive) will set the flow for the drive and maintain this preset period or set hold of water level in well with addition of depth probe you can also log the well depth and drawdown/recovery rate.

Compared to flow and time all flow information is saved to a microchip and then printed out as a graph and or interval readings. This has been tested with extremely good results. Ever increasing demand for redeveloping and testing existing bores that have been in for some years and are not performing is becoming more important for farmers in dry periods.

Test pumping equipment is to ECAN specifications.

Ask us about pump testing for your underperforming water well.